The London Mane Attraction & Hair Trends Dominating 2024

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Read through this blog as I share our experience in London and styles we will see here in 2024!

Attending Sassoons Cutting Academy last fall changed my outlook on hair fashion in so many ways. As I observed each hair model for the Sassoon academy I realized so many of these British men and women had their own individual styles. Their clothing was in sync with their hair styles or Vibe if you will. It was inspirational to say the least. Sharing the experience with three of my talented stylists has allowed us to tap into fashion and creativity on a whole new level. 

Nicole thoughts on London experience. 

"I suppose my experience last year could be summarized as magnificent or rather, life-altering. However I still feel like I'm selling it short by using those words. Something while incredible, also, somewhat unexpected, happened to me when I crossed the Atlantic. I was reminded of who I am down to the core of my being. I don't think this would have happened either, if it weren't for the three incredibly talented and courageous women who I had the pleasure of sharing this experience with. We were thrown into a new environment that caters to creatives of all sorts. Challenged on what we believed to be right from wrong. Celebrated for what makes us unique. Lastly, brought closer together, and bonded with such special memories that I know I will cherish for the rest of my life." Nicole

Shellys thoughts, view and insight on Fashion as we step into 2024. 

The world of hair fashion continues to evolve in America. Offering a diverse array of styles to suit every personality and preference. From bold colors to avant-garde cuts, here are the top hair trends making waves this year as I see it. 

1. Vibrant Hair Colors:

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Bold and vibrant hair colors are taking the spotlight. I have personally seen women in their 60’s & 70’s coloring their hair with fashion colors or adding a pop of  electric blue to neon pinks and everything in between. People are embracing hues that make a statement and reflect their individuality. Whether it's a full head of color or subtle highlights, experimentation is key.

 2. Sustainable Hair Care:

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With a growing emphasis on sustainability, eco-conscious consumers are opting for hair care products and treatments that prioritize natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. From organic shampoos to biodegradable hair accessories, sustainability is a key factor shaping the hair care industry in 2024. At Allure we are a certified sustainable salon! Aveda & Oribe are Eco friendly &  conscious companies as Oribe plants a tree for every tree cut down to create their boxes. Their boxes are also biodegradable. 

3. Textured and Natural Hair:

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Natural hair textures are celebrated like never before in 2024. From curls to coils to waves, people are embracing their natural hair textures and opting for styles that enhance and showcase their unique strands. Low-maintenance hairstyles that embrace texture and movement are particularly popular. We offer specialized Curly cuts at Allure and offer sessions to learn how to style your curls!

4. Retro-Inspired Styles:

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Retro-inspired styles are making a comeback. From '90s-inspired curtain bangs to '70s-inspired shag cuts, vintage vibes are everywhere. Retro colors such as soft pastels and warm tones are also gaining popularity, adding a nostalgic twist to modern hairstyles. 

5. Short and Edgy Cuts:

short and edgy hair cuts at allure salon and boutique libertyville Illinois mainstream

Short and edgy haircuts are making a statement in 2024, with bold cuts and unconventional styles taking center stage. From pixie cuts to shaved designs, people are embracing daring looks that exude confidence and personality. Experimentation with asymmetry, undercut designs, and intricate patterns is also on the rise. Bixies, Mixies, Wolf cuts, Shags, Butterflies and more are cuts we are trained in!

6. Hair Accessories Galore:

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Hair accessories are having a moment in 2024, adding a touch of glam  to everyday hairstyles. From statement hair clips and embellished headbands to silk scarves and retro barrettes, accessories are the perfect way to elevate any look and express individual style. We are launching heatless curl products to add curls to your look without Heat!




7. Men's Grooming Revolution:

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Men's grooming is undergoing a revolution in 2024, with a greater emphasis on self-care and personal style. From tailored haircuts to meticulously groomed beards, men are embracing grooming rituals that reflect their individuality and lifestyle. Clean, polished looks are complemented by subtle styling products that enhance texture and definition.

In summary, 2024 is a year of diversity and creativity in the world of hair fashion. From bold colors to natural textures, retro vibes to avant-garde cuts, there's something for everyone to embrace and express their unique style. So whether you're craving a dramatic transformation or simply looking to refresh your look, the possibilities are endless in the exciting world of hair trends.