DIY Color Kit Waiver Notice & Acknowledgment

As a condition to receiving a DIY Color Kit or any services from Shelly Malizola Inc DBA Allure Designs in Beauty relating thereto, I do hereby agree to following terms and conditions contained herein this Notice & Acknowledgment, as well as all of Terms & Conditions contained on the website pages, I have read, understood, and agree with not only said Terms & Conditions but all of the following.

I hereby acknowledge and affirm that, by ordering the products and or accepting the services of Allure Designs in Beauty, to the greatest extent permitted by law, I am unconditionally waiving, releasing, and forever discharging Allure Designs in Beauty,its officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, representatives, and affiliates from any and all claims, manner of claims, disputes, actions, liabilities, causes of action, suits, set-offs, counterclaims, demands, or damages, whatsoever, based on any legal or equitable theory, right of action or otherwise (whether arising under federal, state, or local law or regulation or common law), foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown, matured or unmatured, accrued or not accrued, actual or potential that I may have against Allure Designs in Beauty, existing now or arising, in whole or in part, out of my use of any products or my participation in any services provided thereto.

For purposes of this Notice & Acknowledgment, the term “Claim” is defined as

I will be solely responsible for applying the color at home based on the instructions provided to me. I recognize and acknowledge that there are certain assumptions of risk in using the products and accepting the services provided. I specifically understand and acknowledge that there are inherent risks to using hair color, including without limitation, allergic reactions, irritations, and other effects that may cause physical damages or injuries. I acknowledge and agree that Allure Designs in Beauty is not responsible for any such damages or injuries; and I further acknowledge and agree that Allure Designs in Beauty is not responsible for any undesired results, undesired consequences, or adverse reactions. In using said products and accepting said services, I therefore am acknowledging and agreeing to accept the responsibility for any and all results, consequences, or effects of using said products and accepting said services, generally, and specifically as it relates to the DIY Color Touch Up Kit.

I have been made aware that my desired outcome may vary.

I have had the opportunity to communicate my specific needs with my Service Provider in relation to the said DIY Color Touch Up Kit. I therefore confirm that I am using said products and accepting said services under the company’s Terms & Conditions freely, voluntarily, and knowingly.