Leave Your Skin Care to the Professionals

Skin care at Allure

   The face staring back at you in the morning as you get ready for your day is the only one you have. 2020 taught us that looking straight on at our face (and our skin) in all of those Zoom gatherings meant that we got to see if our skin care routines were working. For the first time, our hair and our clothing didn’t seem to matter as much as our complexion did.

But where to start? Skin care as a whole can be overwhelming. You may find yourself using a variety of serums and high-end moisturizers to see what makes your skin shine bright; which often times, using a mish-mash of ingredients doesn't give you the results you are looking for.

    If you don’t have an esthetician in your life, and you are currently looking at the piles of skin care products that have accumulated in your bathroom- still not satisfied with the health of your skin- now is the perfect time to start working with a skin care expert.
Finding an esthetician and then unpacking the differences between the many “skin care experts” in this very busy world of skin care advice can make your head spin.

They understand how your skin works, what ingredients work for your skin type + they can start you on a skin routine that works for your skin goals AND your budget. 
A well seasoned esthetician will ask you a list of thorough questions. Such as, what are your objectives? What products are you using now? How much time are you willing to spend and what is your budget?
All of these important questions factor into giving your routine the best bang for the money and time.
  Estheticians can set you up a streamlined home regimen as well as optimize your routine by providing customized facials and treatments best suited for your skin type and skin goals. 
 A good analogy is working out. Perhaps you are headed to a class reunion and you want to lose weight to get ready. You are not going to start going to the gym and changing your diet one week ahead of time. You need to start the plan early, get into a habit, then the gym routine just adds to the equation.
    Skin care is like this. One or two treatments, though they may feel great and do a good deep clean, the results won't last if you don't start your routine at home.

   We can help kick start your routine! Check out our seasonal Beauty Box and set up a time to come in and meet with Julie for an in person consultation and treatment. Then be sure to schedule your next treatment before you leave so you can stay focused on a plan that will make your skin the best it can be.

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