What You Need to Know about Make-Up & Skin Care Trends!

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+ Embrace the Red +

Get Red Lips like Julie Garner at Allure Salon in Libertyville, IL

We are seeing celebrities sporting bright red lips as well as supermodels. Julia Garner from the hit series Ozarks was spotted front row at Gucci’s Milan runway show wearing a red pigmented lip with minimal eye makeup. 


+ The Bolder the Better +


At New York Fashion week Ombre lips ruled the runway.
Ombre style has been trending in nail art and hair coloring. Now we have ombre lips, too. Ombre simply means having two distinct colors that are monochromatic.
The secret lies in choosing colors that merge well and compliment each other. We love 
Our Glo matte crayons for great coverage!


+ Stand Out +


White eyeliner has made a comeback. It may not be for you but it might be important to your teen fashion forward daughter!  Show her how informed you are by asking her about it.
Feline cat eyes are in. Check our our favorite Glo eyeshadow palettes.


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Now let's chat with an expert!

I asked one of Allure's leading makeup artists for her thoughts on makeup & skincare trends in 2023. Here is what Nicole had to say about things you NEED to know in order to stay current.
+ Preparing and setting your makeup 
+ Double cleansing/makeup removal 
+ Leave the filters back in 2022, Skin is in!
If you haven’t heard, filters were so 2022! Beautiful, radiant skin is in! So let’s talk about how to achieve a dewy, fresh face along with taking care of your skin. 
So first thing, if you haven’t incorporated sunscreen within your skin care routine, you're slacking! And it’s never too late to start! You may also be thinking, “ my makeup has SPF in it already, so I don’t need it”. Well the amount of actual protection is very minimal in those products as it’s more of a marketing strategy. So go buy a sunscreen that’s meant for the face, and make that the last step in your skin care routine! 
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Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about how to achieve a “dewy” makeup look.

So the goal here isn’t to make your face look shiny. Usually we try to avoid an oily appearance. It’s more so trying to give the look of a healthy glow and radiant looking skin. An easy way to achieve this is to apply a hydrating, skin serum underneath your moisturizer. Allure has a great selection of serums, but the go-to’s for me are Aveda’s intense hydrator serum, or their Instant Illuminizer serum. Both are packed with skin loving botanicals, and are high performance products that will leave your skin glowing and better looking over time. 
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Now, If you're doing this step, there is no need to use a primer; unless you are prone to becoming oily. I rarely use a primer on my makeup clients.  Instead, I plump up and moisturize the skin prior to the makeup application. Then  lightly set the T-zone and under eye area with loose setting powder or a translucent pressed powder; with a smaller fluffy brush! Your skin will absorb most complexion products, so you don’t want to use much pressure while setting your makeup. I then follow up with a light, but liberal mist of Glo’s setting spray! This product is great as a prep or setting spray, and is a staple in anyone’s routine. 
Glo Beauty Luminous Setting PowderGlo Beauty Hydration Mist
  Let’s say, it’s the end of the day, you get home from work or the gym, and you’re ready to relax! Last thing we’re thinking of is removing our makeup. I think we’re all guilty of either skipping that step altogether, or putting in very minimal effort. Well here’s a pro-tip from Julie, our lead Esthetician at Allure! Julie explains, “Keeping makeup wipes nearby where you like to relax or in the car is a great way to remind you to remove your makeup at the end of the day.” 
But don’t stop there! Before you call it a night, go into the bathroom and wash your face with your favorite cleanser! GLO’s gel cleanser as it helps preserve the skins natural moisture balance antioxidants that protect and soothe. This cleanser purifies oily skin while leaving it soft and hydrated.  Do you need hydration vs removing oil? Try Glo’s Gentle Cream cleanser.
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Do you ever notice after cleansing, you still see remnants of makeup?
You’re probably thinking that the cleanser you’re currently using is no good. But I rarely find that that’s the actual case. Make up formulations are improving, year-by-year, and giving us more longevity than ever before. However, the price we pay for that is putting more effort into the removal process. So I’d like to introduce you to a term called double cleansing. This is where you use a balm or oil based product that will help break down the makeup better than your cleanser. Then following with your facial cleanser, after your face looks like Vangough got ahold of you. Double cleansing is an assured way that you remove all makeup with little to no remnants left. Which in turn will help your skin look better and be healthier; especially over time.