Need to Know: Men's Skincare Basics

Men's Skincare doesn’t have to be separated out from a woman’s regimen, but for some reason, the world of beauty does it. The main differences with male skin are the shaving and facial hair. This can cause irritation and in-grown hairs that may need extra attention. The advantage to regular shaving though is consistent exfoliation so there is some benefit to this step not often found in the female routine. 
These steps will help with any male get on a better routine (or clean up their existing) to help get their skin off to a better and healthier start:


1. Do NOT use your shampoo or body wash as your face cleanser. This causes unnecessary dryness which leads to higher oil production.
2. Wash your face at the end of the day, after the work day and especially after sweating. This helps get rid of the bacteria collected on your skin and beard throughout the day.
3. Use a mild exfoliant three times a week to deep clean pores. Shaving also helps exfoliate - just be sure to use a gentle shaving cream like our Legacy Shave.
4. ALWAYS moisturize! This will keep your skin smooth and protected against the elements throughout the day. If you're naturally oily, go for an oil-free or light weight moisturizer.
5. When in doubt, sign up for a virtual chat with our in-house Master Esthetician, Julie. She will give you a men's skincare customized routine that works for you. Or even better, if you can make it in for a treatment, this is by far one of the best ways to get your skin and your routine off to the best start.

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