Welcome Baby Bennett to the Family!

How becoming a grandmother changed my view on child bearing


Years ago my husband and I talked in depth before getting married about whether or not to have children together.
 I was a single mom at that time of a 14 year old daughter and had always wanted more children. 
Ultimately after lots of discussion we both decided we would not have children together. My husband vowed to be the best step-dad he could possibly be and we both looked forward to hopefully becoming grandparents someday.
Time has indeed sped by and here we are 17 years later and are the proud grandparents of a beautiful baby boy.
No-one could have possibly prepared me for the instant love and bond I felt watching my daughter and son in law have their first born son, Bennett, this past month. My husband and I looked at each other and have not been able to put into words how special its been becoming grandparents. Sharing this life changing special moment together has been jaw dropping and has left us both in awe of how powerful the feelings are.
Watching my daughter and son in law navigate parenthood in 2023 has been extremely eye opening. There are so many gadgets available! From Uppababy strollers that cost $1,000 to bassinets that sway and move. There are even cameras that not only show your baby sleeping but ones that allow you to attach a gadget to the baby to make sure they are breathing.  
I sit in amazement of what humans have invented and created to make life easier for parenting these little beings.
Just three short years ago, when I decided to bring baby lines to sell in my Allure Boutique, little did I know how personal they would become to me. 
My grandson, Bennett, has already taught me so much in the last few weeks. I find myself sitting for hours just holding him. For those of you who know me, sitting for hours isn’t something you would likely associate with my personality. 

Bennet is teaching me everyday. Here are two lessons that I've gained from his new presence in our lives...


First things first. Slow down! Going days without working and helping my daughter and son in law take care of the basic necessities of this beautiful little boy has become a reminder of many work parallels. Slowing down to read a story to Bennett, feeding, bathing and changing him has already started to be a regular reminder of how precious and quick time is. 
Babies grow so fast and if we don't relax and seize the moments they pass like billowy clouds moving in front of a beautiful sunset on a warm sunny day.  


Lesson number two begs the question, “How can we make our planet a better place for generations to come?” I don't think we need to do large things to improve the planet but if we all did our part to protect it and its inhabitants what would the world look like in 10 more years? 
Looking at our children & grandchildren adds a layer of urgency. 
Babies and children force us to be completely present in the moment as to catch their current needs
With all of the moving parts that make for great childcare, it really does take a village well beyond just mothers and fathers, I have seen how much work this new and precious little human requires. I am also humbled by how many people who do it solo. I am so grateful that we have the time to be there during this very precious time that only new beginnings provide.
Today this blog gives a much needed nod to all the mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and  guardians who continue to protect their children. It truly takes a village to raise children and I would be remiss to not mention care givers and teachers. Thank you for all you do. 
How becoming a grandmother changed my view on child bearing in this modern world