Self-Care Tips & Gifts for Valentine's Day

Self-Care Isn’t Meant To Be Selfish.
What does selfish even mean? It has a negative connotation, but if you look at the word, Self-ish, it makes you think a little bit, sort of, a smidgen of self-focus.
It is not humanly possible to work 24/7 without some type of slow down and self-focus.

Perhaps the word selfish can be reconsidered as a positive way to care for yourself. A little. Self-care doesn’t have to be a big elaborate day at the spa, or a three day retreat in the mountains. It doesn’t even need to cost any money. If self-care means anything, it means the ability to care for yourself and not to rely on someone else to do it for you.

Gift Ideas for YOU or someone you Love.

  Shelly’s Self-Care Tips for YOU this Valentine's Day.

  •  Live Healthier by eating healthy foods, get enough sleep & exercise regularly.
  • Try to do something you enjoy every day. That might mean dancing, watching a favorite TV show, working in the garden, painting, reading or just enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea.
  • Find ways to relax, like meditation, yoga, getting a Facial, taking a bath, or playing with your pets.
  • Spend time with your family and people in your life that you love and (love you back.)
  • You can also treat yourself to a Valentines Day Love Box by The Beauty Cloud.
The most important thing to realize from this blog is that YOU matter! And that's all that matters.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Love the one you are always with and that is YOU.