Our TOP 5 Fashion Trends this Spring...

Spring trends at Allure

The exciting element of buying for our boutique is that we get to see the trends way ahead of time...

 We make our way to buying shows in different parts of the country well before the season hits and get to see what’s in store for the future. This has some great advantages because we get to decide what we want to carry to support the trends, but also how to make the trends work for both our climate and most importantly for our clients’ lives.
 Fashion trends are one thing, but applying them to real life is just as important to us. We are most thoughtful in carefully selecting what items we decide are best to carry when we are buying at these shows.

Our expertise is that we know our clients...

After all this time, we have a good sense of your needs, your wants and what makes you feel and look your best after shopping in our store.
From clothing to accessories and everything in between, the looks and feels of our items this spring will certainly give you cause to feel great about your purchases.


Bold, Bright and Cheery Colors and Oversized Blazers:
        From bright fuchsia and aqua leggings and tops to 
        Oversized blazers and shackets 
Bright and Bold Spring Fashion Trends

        We love all denim but right now, our eyes are set on crop and ankle length - in both straight and wide leg.
         We are also here for the relaxed denim - for those who love cozy chic- or maybe even to accommodate the quarantine 15 that some of us have added to our silhouette (we can relate).   
wide leg pant spring trend
Stripes and Floral
Easy, flowy and flattering. You cannot go wrong with an adorable printed, floral skirt. And when you need to dress it up a little more, this striped dress is sure to be an easy go to!
floral skirtstriped dress
Of course we can't leave out festival wear...
It's the season of coming together and celebrating music. Do it in style- and in comfort with cute vintage tees, slouchy sweaters for evening and fun jewelry to tie it all together. 
beaded dangle earrings spring trendshair pin spring trend

Last but certainly not least (and our personal fave)... Accessories!!


   Crochet and raffia basket bags are this year's summer vibe. They can be big and slouchy 
or small and compact.
crochet tote
         Think bright cheery bracelets from the 90's mixed with beaded earrings and hair pins that fit the 70 & 80’s vibe. It couldn't get more fun than this! 
Remember that clothes and accessories are a great way to lift the spirits and get your mindset ready for the warmer months. All of our items are available in store or online and we look forward to helping you shop to achieve the best style.
We thank you for thinking of us for your shopping as all purchases help continue to support a small yet mighty business.
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