Let's take private shopping to the next level...

Do you ever look in your closet or in your drawers and wish someone could magically appear to help you organize and sort through the accumulation of items that no longer serve?
The question that may better serve is how did the clothing decisions happen in the first place? 
Have you ever thought about a private shopper session Before you get worried about thinking it may be out of your comfort zone, hear me out on the many pros that far outweigh the very few cons.
Have you ever experienced one? It is a grand experience...

Meet our Private Shopping Stylists, Ashley and Toni!

Ashley is a suburban based personal stylist. She studied fashion marketing at The Illinois Institute of Art. Her love for fashion developed at an early age, when she was put into beauty pageants. Her passion for clothing would send her on frequent shopping sprees and spent countless hours organizing her closet. Later on she worked at Nordstrom where she furthered her understanding for fashion styling and enhanced her desire for a creative career in fashion. She possesses great instinct and a keen eye, and enjoys helping people achieve their best style! Her foremost goal is to help you look and feel fabulous.


Toni worked for Nordstrom in the San Francisco Bay Area for 14 years where she gained experience in personal styling, customer service, management, merchandising, and buying. After moving to Austin in 2000, Toni opened a women’s clothing boutique in the 2nd Street District which she owned for 10 and a half years. "My focus was on providing our clients with a personal styling experience.  When the boutique closed in 2013, I started a consulting business focusing on buying, merchandising and personal styling," says Toni. 


What I Have Discovered Using a Personal Shopper Over the Years:

Super effective and the stylist was able to assess my needs after asking just a few simple questions. 

A successful and easy virtual session led me to buy a perfect pant that I can wear over and over again. They fit my body like a glove and look great with my shape.

I had a virtual session with a fashion “Stylist” prior to a photo shoot. She chose clothes for me completely out of my comfort zone. People still comment when I am wearing the outfits she chose for me because they are not my normal style.

There are Many Benefits To a Personal Shopper...

Objectivity: A personal shopper can help you choose items that you may not normally consider.

Economics: How many times have you purchased something thinking it is the right fit only to find out you never wore it, a personal shopper will save you money in the long run as they really help get you in the right outfits with the right pieces to begin with.

Simplicity: A personal shopper can help you with certain pieces, but also help redefine your wardrobe for future purchases too. 


Why they work:

We can get stuck in habits with Fashion just like anything else. Sometimes, just one simple suggestion can change us to step outside of our comfort zone and discover there may be tons of options in our closet we did not realize we had or we are holding onto items that are keeping us from making room for a change.

What to Expect: 

During a virtual and in person sessions we will discuss what you think you need help with, what are the challenges you have when shopping, what do you like about what you have and what do you think you are missing. We will discuss what goals you have for your wardrobe and what steps we can take to achieve them.  Many people don’t know what they want and that is o.k.!! Just discussing your current wardrobe and challenges will help to define some goals.

Who are they for: 

We think a stylist can be for anyone. Even myself….I have over 25 years in retail, merchandising and styling experience.  I still send pictures of an outfit, I just put on, to ask my stylish friend “does this work?”.  However, a stylist is perfect for people who are not shoppers or are simply too busy to take time to keep up with their wardrobe. It is also great for anyone who wants to change the fashion habits they are in.


 Choose a Virtual or Live in person private shopping experience. 

Make it a fun event. Bring your significant other, girlfriends or daughter. 

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