Let's give it up for the Dads!

Happy Father's Day
Pappa, Daddy, Pops, Padre, Dad, Papa, whatever you may call your dad, he has likely played an important role in your life.
Dads can be the stronghold of our families, headed to sporting events to cheer us on like we are going to the World Series. They can be our mentors when it comes to sage words of advice and our dancing partners when we are learning how for our first school dance.
They wipe our tears- sometimes though their own; they love us in ways we try to measure our future relationships on for the rest of our lives.
Sometimes we have male mentors who have been like fathers to us. Grandfathers, uncles, even brothers can step in to fill the shoes of an absent or passed away father too. Male role models play significant parts in our lives whatever the relationship. Growing up with an engaged and loving Step father and witnessing my husband's love for my daughter that is not related biologically has shown me that genetics are not needed for a strong bond or relationship. 
Father’s Day is a great way to take a moment to appreciate the fathers and father figures in our lives for many reasons. 
Allure’s boutique is filled with lots of items that will satisfy some
great gift giving this Father’s Day....

From strong and sturdy mugs that have great sayings on them because does anyone ever have just the right coffee mug?

Fathers Day Mug

Our Beauty Cloud Box for men has just the right mix of skin care products to make sure his skin is in great shape- plus we put it on special discount just for him.

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Baseball hats never disappoint. Thermal cups with great sayings for traveling cold and hot beverages to all of those outdoor activities we wait patiently for during those long Illinois winters.

Fathers day gifts. Baseball HatFathers day gifts

We recently added these vintage style old school shaving kits that are now taking residence in our beautiful boutique. 

Fathers day gift shaving kit

One of our favorite new additions for a great gift is this very special book that any dad would have a tear in his eye when he opens it to some handmade words of love.

Fathers day gift handwritten book

Stop in anytime to shop and browse. Our team of gift specialists can help you choose just the right one. While you are here, take a look around at all of the spring and summer delights, you just might find something for you too.
We at Allure celebrate fathers and role models who have filled in in our lives. We say thank you with the deepest gratitude in our big hearts. We are lucky to know you.