10 Ideas for MOMS this weekend...

I love Mother’s Day and despite the occasional comments that these types of holidays are “manufactured” by card companies, I don’t agree. Mothers Day is a great excuse to pause. I love to think about the big picture of motherhood. Whether you are a mom, have a mom, or have someone in your life that feels like a mom, Mothers Day can be an excuse to have a day to remember someone important in your life. 

We want to give a little back to those who do SO much.                  For the weekend, shop the online Allure Boutique and enjoy 10% off with 

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What does Mother’s Day mean to you? 
Do you wake up on Mothers Day with an expectation of breakfast in bed, or bouquets of flowers arriving at your doorstep? Maybe you hope to head out for a walk with the family or have a personal day to yourself. On the other side, perhaps the day represents loss -of your own mom or maybe a child and the day can end up being a little less than celebrational. 
There are many moving parts and emotions show up loud and clear with days that proclaim specific calls to action. 
How you navigate is personal.
What we know is that Mothers Day can be a day of delight, comfort, joy and it can be a day of personal reflection on how fast time has gone. Allure is here to provide you with so many fun items to help you celebrate and honor Motherhood in whatever way that serves. 
Mother's Day at Allure has always been filled with great gift ideas. Because we have developed such a beautiful boutique over the years, gifts and ideas abound. 
You can come in and choose anything that makes your heart sing, we can write it down to make it easier to send in your partner and your kids. We can ship anywhere also.
But the best part of what we do here besides great hair and boutique shopping are our easy to send Mother's Day Gift Boxes.
At Allure, we make it simple for you to give love and beauty on Mother's Day —or any day for that matter because every day is special and we surely realize this more than ever this last two years for sure.
Stop in from 10am-5pm or set up a private shopping experience. 
Spring Awakening Facial BoxGive the gift of beautiful skin with our Beauty Cloud Spring Facial Box.   Includes a step-by-step card with all of the instructions for a professional facial at home.  Includes extra goodies for Mom, including Peaches and Ginger Tea Bags, Aveda Cherry Almond Body Wash and a trio of Glo Lip Glosses.
Mom & Me Facial Box: Great gift to give your mom and do this Facial Box together! Includes a step-by step card with all of the instructions for a professional facial for two at home.  Includes two matching bracelets.

There are LOTS of ways to celebrate mom!
Facials, relaxing candles, or jewelry, but at Allure,
we know our mamas also like a little something for their little ones. 
When shopping for a baby gift, Allure Salon and Boutique may not come to mind as your first stop.  Last year, though, while looking for a really beautiful baby gift, I had a revelation. In fact, there were many business revelations that have come from the last two years; expanding our boutique to include gift items was an important one. Growing our boutique was prompted by realizing how much we had previously relied on a very successful service business. When the world of services became vulnerable, I realized that expanding the boutique space would enhance and sustain the beautiful space of Allure while also providing salon services.
Along with my team, I looked at the products we were carrying and more importantly what products we were missing and realized that baby items were virtually nonexistent. Allure has many moms as both employees and clients; I am the mother of a thirty-year-old daughter. So many of our Allure clients are mothers, aunts, grandmothers and friends of women whose daughters are about to give birth. I found myself searching for a baby gift that I could actually touch and feel and wanted the gift to be special. I didn’t want to go to a box store or to a big impersonal online space because I wanted to feel and connect with the product. Material, texture, vibe, quality all matter and when it comes to gift giving, I am much more willing to spend a little more than I would if I was just buying items for necessity.
A baby section was literally - pun intended - born. These items are all mom tested too, on our own moms who show up to work each day, who love their babies and love styling your hair. We are so excited for Allure to be the flagship space who gets to show them off to the world of our clients.
The companies we hand-picked to carry have their own personal mission statements too. We think you will find the new additions great choices for all of your gift giving needs. We are including what makes them special behind the scenes along with some of our favorite items within their lines. Here are some of our favorite new additions!
12 years ago, Milkbarn was started by a mom + daughter duo that wanted to create ethical, one-of-a-kind designs for babies and kids inspired by their very own dairy farm. Milkbarn has now grown internationally using only Fair Trade Organic Cotton and Bamboo for their products and works with Exile International to help kids in need. These children’s products not only benefit those that wear them, but the children of war to heal their mind, body, and spirits. As of 2022, Milkbarn has healed over 5,000 children and funded 22 care programs.

Bella Tunno is exquisite quality, and their baby quotes create laughter in our store daily. Their brand mission is dedicated to ending child hunger in America. Their laughable, cute designs are all FDA and CPSIA compliant making them 100% safe for your little ones. For the last 16 years, Bella Tunno has paired with Feeding America and The Global Food Banking Network to donate over 7.3 million meals. They hope to not only eliminate hunger in America, but eventually help end racism, bigotry, violence and addiction.
A local Libertyville organization devoted to making the world a better place through the artwork designed by Jessy Scarpone. The Sweet Jessy Project was created by her mother Carla in 2019 when Jessy had suddenly passed from an underlying heart condition. She left behind her one-of-a-kind artwork filled with inspiration and humor that have now turned into memorable prints, journals, clothing and more! 100% of the proceeds are donated between multiple charities and organizations including The American Heart Association, The Max Schewitz Foundation, Travis Mills Foundation, and Cal’s Angels.
Local Libertyville mom + daughter duo, Pam & Anne combined their backgrounds and love for children to create their very own book series! After 25 years, Pam has become an expert in early childhood education through teaching preschool, being a mother and grandmother. Each story is based on kids from their own lives and has custom artwork made by Anne.

We know there are many choices for the consumer these days in shopping. Every purchase you make from Allure is a choice to shop small, to support a female owned business and to help keep a business growing despite the last two years.

We thank you for your decision to shop with us always!