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One thing is for sure, jewelry never goes out of style

And why would it? It’s what ties fashion together. 
Whether you are a multi bangle person or a simple one piece queen, jewelry adds sparkle to anything. It has the power to dress up and complete any outfit.
Allure is so proud to be donating a portion of all of our jewelry sales from the holiday season to the charities we support. That is why we carefully choose which Jewelry lines to carry because we want brands who align with our ethos + our diverse clientele. 

We proudly carry:

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What is your go to for daily wear?

+ Are you a bracelet person?
+ Hoops?
+ Mixing up gold and silver?
+ Do you love to layer?

+ One of our favorite lines is Erin Grey +

14k gold filled & sterling bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. With care, will not tarnish making them forever favorites!
Erin Gray's classic yet edgy jewelry line is designed and handcrafted by artists in Atlanta and around the globe. 
Erin Gray's lines of high-quality pieces are sustainably and ethically produced. She also makes some of the most comfy and casual white T's.
Erin Gray gives back to cancer organizations AND dedicates monthly contributions to childhood cancer patients and their families through CURE Childhood Cancer, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for cancers that affect children.
Erin Gray also provides meals to over 500 hospitalized children and family members each year. 

+ We love the minimalist elegance of Dot & Dash +

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The Morse code jewelry designs tell the inspired stories of the women who wear them. They create everything in Austin, Texas and sell primarily through a network of 400+ specialty gift shops & boutiques.

+ Ink & Alloy: Accessories for the Modern Bohemian +

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+ Our top Five Faves from the Allure Boutique +

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    Just like the lines we carry, we find it important to give back to our communities. Here are a couple charities you help fund with every purchase. 


    Lake County Haven is a social-service agency dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless women and children. We use education, employment, and life-skills training to help people move from homelessness to independence. Throughout this process, our goal is always the long-term stability and self-sufficiency of each person.

    Give now!

    Caring for Kids clothing:

    Every year hundreds of children go without proper clothing. Caring for Kids Clothing is a non-profit organization that helps provide these children with the clothing they so desperately need.  Since our beginning in 2010 Caring for Kid has helped outfit hundreds of children every year.  We provide an immediate need in warm winter gear, school uniforms, everyday clothing, gym shoes, snow boots, socks, under garments and so much more.

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