Is There Such a Thing as THE PERFECT JEAN?


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Thrift Shopping Got Me Started

I would have never thought I would spend $300 for a pair of jeans until a few years ago when I decided to splurge. When I was growing up, I used to buy all of my clothes from thrift shops; I think this is how I fell in love with designer clothes and clothes that were made well.

With thrifting ingrained in me, even now, a $300 pair of jeans seemed like an extravagant gift to myself, but a few years ago, I purchased a pair of AG jeans. The look and feel of these jeans made them my “go to” pair in a closet that was often filled with beautiful jeans, but not comfortable ones. I had nearly 20 pairs of jeans in my closet!

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What is it about AG Jeans that make me feel so special?

I began to think about all the money I have invested in trying to find a jean that not only looked right for my body type, but a jean I could feel as good in throughout the day.
AG Jeans are worth every penny because they fulfill two MUSTS.

I decided to bring the AG line into Allure this past summer.
As customers began trying them on, we watched them fly out of the door! We had to quickly reorder within a week of arrival and now they are our best selling item at Allure

So, now that we love them, let's dive into JEAN-UCATION to find the right style and fit for you!

I will go over how to choose what jean is right for your body type. 
Teach you the different types of jean styles that make their way into fashion and taking into consideration that just because it is in fashion, it doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy it. We want to make sure you are buying the right jean for you, your style, your comfort and your happiness.
So which body type you are? 



The Look: A slim fitting jean cut straight from the knee to the ankle (like a cigarette) and they are ankle length.
Who is it for:  A cigarette jean suits most body shapes
Who isn’t it for: If you are very curvy you can wear a cigarette but choose a mid or high waistline.
What does it accomplish: A Cigarette is in between a skinny and a straight leg jean so they are a great alternative for sticking with the trends. 

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Skinny Jeans

The look: A slim jean that is tapered at the ankle, they can be cropped or full length.
Who is it for: With skinny denim any body type can wear them, it comes down to the wash. Pear and hourglass should wear a dark wash while athletic and apple should go for the lighter wash.
Who isn’t it for: If you have super skinny legs you may want to avoid a skinny jean, they will make you legs look even skinnier.
What does it accomplish: They conform closely to the body providing a sleek, slim-line silhouette that enhances all your best features. Most skinny jeans have stretch and look like they were made just for you.

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The look: May look like regular jeans but is more form fitting with flexibility allowing movement and providing comfort. Stretchy jeans are meant to be worn tight and will stretch out with multiple wears so you should size down.
Who is it for: Stretch jeans can look good on anyone, consider your body type and choose a rise that fits best. 
Who isn’t it for: Stretch denim can work for most everyone. If you have thicker or muscular thighs consider a thicker stretch denim.
What does it accomplish: Stretch jeans give you the look you are going for with more flexibility and comfort.

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Rigid and Non-Stretch denim

The look: Classic and stiff
Who is it for: Any body type. Non-stretch is typically more flattering in all styles and better for a less active person.
Who isn’t for: Someone who prefers comfort over style. Rigid jeans take some time to break in.
What does it accomplish: Non-stretch denim holds it shape and will last longer in the long run.


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Low Rise

The look: Jeans that sit below the natural waistline.
Who is it for: Body types that look good in low waisted jeans are short waisted, straight body type, inverted triangle body type and an athletic body shape.
Who isn’t for: A typical pear shape with a long waist. Not only will you feel uncomfortable but they can also make your hips and thighs appear larger.
What does it accomplish: Their purpose is to show more torso and skin. 

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Mid Rise

The look: A waistband that sits between the hips and the navel just below the natural waist.
Who is it for: This is the most figure friendly rise + Comfortable and looks good on all body types.
Who isn’t it for: Really is for everyone!  
What does it accomplish: Mid rise jeans offer a bit more structure around our midsection and is compatible with just about any top.

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High Rise

The look: a denim that comes above the naval
Who is it for: High rise is best worn by an hourglass shape, showing of curves.
Who isn’t it for: This style is tough for a petite hourglass as it can overwhelm this body shape.
What does it accomplish: This is a great style choice all year round giving a well balanced silhouette with defining the waist.


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The look: Flare jeans are constructed with a “trumpet silhouette”, fitted on the top half of the leg, to the knee and bell shaped on the bottom half
Who is it for: Flare looks great on pear and hourglass shapes. If you are petite, pay attention to the inseam and find what works best for your height.
Who isn’t it for: Flare jeans can work on almost every body type, it is the rise and inseam that matters.   
What does it accomplish: The flare jean adds a graceful, curved silhouette that accentuates a feminine figure and adds length to your legs.
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Straight Leg

 The look: A jean that maintains a consistent width from the top of the leg to the bottom…they do not taper at the ankle.
Who is it for: Hourglass, apple and athletic body shapes look the best in a straight jean and if you have larger thighs.
Who isn’t it for: Straight leg looks good on all body types.
What does it accomplish: Straight jeans are slightly more relaxed and create a flattering straight line along the leg.

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We are here for you to help you feel cared for in your quest for the perfect jean.

This is one of the best parts of shopping local from a female owned business, we are here and we understand your needs. Schedule a jean consult with one of our jean experts, Ashley and Toni, or stop in anytime to just browse and play.

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