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Ageless Beauty at Allure

Are you a magazine reader?

Do you enjoy indulging in the latest photographs and editorials on the latest and greatest makeup, beauty and fashion trends? Or are you the type of person who throws on the same makeup you have been using for the past 10 years?
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What constitutes a trend?

And even more important, what does a beauty trend have to do with real life? Lots of questions in this blog today because the term, Ageless Beauty, is a loaded couple of words. Choosing the right makeup can make or break the way you feel as you move through your day. Like a hairstyle or great skin or even the clothes you choose to wear.


+ Let's Talk Makeup +

Glo Makeup at AllureMakeup can be a bandaid for skin problems or it can keep you stuck in a time warp. Makeup can also be something that you decide you simply don’t need,
want or care about. I personally feel it should be the perfect enhancement for an already great face. This is all up to you depending on what lipstick color or foundation tone you reach for in that over filled makeup drawer.

The majority of women who walk into Allure wear some type of makeup. From tinted moisturizer to a little mascara and/or a blast of lip color. Less can be more, but more can be so fun and bold depending on your goals.

Here at Allure, we can help you figure this out

When it comes to choosing the best makeup for your skin, you may not think of us as your first stop. As a matter of fact, most women head to the makeup counter, the drugstore, or to one of those mega makeup centers that have enough lipsticks to paint the whole town.

Switch it up and make us your first stop. You already trust us with your hair, skin and fashion needs, so makeup choices and guidance should be no exception to what you can enjoy here at Allure. 

Our team of experts, Julie, Nicole and Ashley can help guide you in a complete revamp or help you choose the best foundation or lip color that is right for you, not for the sales of a counter. 

But is all makeup created equal?

Absolutely not.
Glo Makeup is special because of it's ingredients.
It acts as a continuation of your skin care. 
The high quality makes it work with your skin rather than a bandaid to cover imperfections.
Glo Makeup has something for everyone.
Let’s face it, makeup is one of those items that is part of your daily routine and when you find that perfect combination of products- and even better the perfect way to apply it- your morning routine gets easier.

Glo Makeup at Allure

Let’s not forget about Brushes!

When was the last time you replaced (or cleaned) your makeup brushes
This is your tool when it comes to makeup, so having quality, clean brushes is necessary for an even application and healthy skin. 
Glo makes beautiful, professional brushes and brush cleaner so that you can insure you are using the cleanest brushes on that beautiful, healthy skin of yours.

Glo Makeup Brushes at Allure

+ Ageless Beauty Means +

Finding the right combination of color and texture that works for your skin type, your lifestyle and enhances your natural glow. Ageless beauty is different for everyone and our experienced team can help you choose the right colors, find the right products within the extensive Glo makeup line and match the correct tint or foundation that is a perfect fit for your face - not the face of the latest trend in a magazine that likely airbrushes the heck out of it's models.

If makeup is something you can’t imagine living without, or you need guidance on what to choose, we welcome you to sign up for a makeup application session to experience a new look.

Book Makeup session at Allure

Or better yet, schedule a grown up makeup lesson for a complete revamp to improve or even modernize your existing beauty routine while teaching you how to apply it flawlessly.

Book Makeup Lesson at Allure

Our team gets it. Allure is about where fashion and beauty meet reality and everyday needs.
We are the best in the industry to help you sort through the confusing world of makeup and beauty.
We are here for you!


+ Shelly's Must Have Makeup Items +

Glo Eyebrow Pencil

Glo Makeup at Allure

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Glo Mineral Foundation Stick 

Glo Makeup at Allure

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Glo lipstick ('pillow talk' is my ABSOLUTE fav)

Glo Makeup at Allure

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In keeping things real, here are two items we DON'T SELL - but I can't live without:

Cle de peau
Glo Makeup at Allure
Shelly's Favorite

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