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Do you ever look at a picture of yourself and say,

“I loved that haircut! That was the best haircut. Why can’t I get my hair to look like that again?”

In all fairness, sometimes it is the clothing or the event that adds to the memory of the perfect look. Like a great bottle of wine, opening it in the hills of Tuscany is never the same as when you try to replicate the memory back at home.
But a good haircut and even more so a good hairstylist knows how to create the perfect haircut simply because of their training.


For example, I have a friend who has super thick, long hair with lots of silver streaks (which adds even more weight and volume). She asked me one day about bangs because she saw a photo of a really great haircut with bangs...

Allure Boutique and Salon Blog

Because I understand texture first, I was able to point out that her particular texture would create a look not like the photo, but more like Gilda Radner's character from the old Saturday Night Live skit of Roseanna Roseanna Danna...  That is why having a professional consultation is important when changing up your look or when trying to find "your style."

Allure Boutique and Salon Blog

Face shapes, the right hair color that works with your skin tone, the type of hair you have are just a few aspect to consider when trying to achieve a great haircut. 


Product is another important factor. The product you choose or don’t choose to use and the water you have at your house all play a role when trying to achieve that salon style at home. A good haircut by most consumer standards is not the haircut you walk out the door with, but the haircut and style you are able to replicate a few days later when you make the attempt to style yourself. That is where we come in.

What we do at Allure is great hair

This is what we are known for, but what makes us stand out is the care we put in to achieving a great, authentic hair cut, customized just for you.
At Allure, each and every stylist is required to take our intense Consultation Training.
This extensive training program is required for every team member so that your experience is exceeded. Just because you have a certain look from a photo that you bring in, doesn’t mean that it will be the best fit for your type of hair or lifestyle. Our consultation makes a significant difference in your experience as well as your outcome and overall happiness with your hair.
Hair color is like this too, and our color experts and consultations will ensure that your hair color works for you. When changing your color consider the one you had when you were born, this may be the best color to return to. Were you a sunny golden blonde when you were a kid? Maybe a rich, dark brown? That may be the best color for you to keep!

Ready to take the plunge?

With the winter months cooling everything down, it is the perfect time for change. Meet with one of our experts to see what kind of change is best for you.
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