Curly Hair Made Easy

I've fought my curls my entire life and since I've always struggled, it took a while to learn how to love them. I remember leaving the salon as an adolescent fighting back tears as my bangs sprung straight up to the middle of my forehead. After years of desperately trying how to style them, I had given up to the flat iron. After years of heat, I was determined to find the best curly hair routine. This ended up being one of the biggest influences on why I started my career as a stylist.

As the Allure clientele spiked post-pandemic, I knew it was important to bring in stylists with a different variety of talents - one being the curly technique. I had found another stylist who had the curly skills - Margaret. She is a master stylist who worked for years at a Chicago salon learning and developing her own curly cut technique. Her presence and information has proven invaluable to our salon. 

If you want a curly style that's salon quality (at home!), follow these surprisingly easy tips from Margaret. You'll be sure to have the best curly hair!

The Best Wash Day Routine

1. Sulfate + oil free shampoo is a must! Our favorite is Oribe Moisture Control Shampoo. 

2. Depending on your hair type, wash one to two times per week.
Feeling dry? Skip the shampoo! Conditioners have cleansing surfactants that will remove smells, oils and products from the hair. Using this method, shampoo a minimum of once a week.
3. Detangle your hair with your fingers DURING the shower with conditioner. Use a brush or wide tooth comb only if necessary. 
4. Put your styling product on DURING the shower. Your curly product will create a barrier, locking in the most moisture and in turn dramatically reduce frizz.
5. Avoid drying your hair with a regular terry cloth towel, as this can make your curl fuzzy. Using a microfiber towel or cotton t shirt are the best ways to lock in moisture and reduce frizz.
Together, Margaret and I have put together sets of our must-have curly products. Just pick your favorite brand and let us do the rest! 


If you struggle with finding the right cut, stylist or want to learn how to
bring out your best curls, schedule a curly hair session with Margaret or I!