Get to know how hair extensions may be the right fit for you!

Hair. We cut it, we color it, we style it, we talk about it.
When we have plenty of it, we want less of it, when we don’t have a lot, we want more.
Discussions about hair are part of our lives, and with so many ways to dress our hair, it is certainly a fun part of our time on this earth for sure.
Hair is what we do at Allure, but you many not know that we are also hair extension experts.
We have been immersing ourselves in educational programs the past few years so that we can add yet another great service to our always changing and expanding repertoire.
Hair extensions have evolved over the years and are now able to fit every lifestyle. They add volume, length, style all in one swoop.

+Great hair extensions are practically indiscernible from your own+

In order for this to be true they must be:

+ Made of one hundred percent human hair
+ Be installed correctly
+ Perfectly match the color of your hair
If you compromise on any of these, they’re just not going to look right.
Like hair color, hair extensions are not all created equal.
At Allure, we are known for only using the best products.
Hair extensions are no different.
We use a leading hair extension line called Bellami.
Hair extensions must be 100% human hair for them to look natural and
work with the flow of your own hair.

Here are 6 reasons to try them:

1. Hair Extensions can hide broken hair or thin hair
2. Hair Extensions can add color without having to apply color your natural hair 
3. Hair Extensions can give your hair more volume
4. Hair Extensions can add length
5. Hair Extensions can let you play around with hairstyles
6. They are easy to wear and maintain 

Hair extensions at Allure

Still have some questions or curiosity?

Let's dive in a little deeper...
Here are a few commonly asked questions.
If you'd like to go even further and schedule a consultation
give us a call at Allure

+ FAQ +

+ Help! my hair is thinning and I don’t know what to do!
We have products that can help slow down thinning hair and adding extensions can bring back the fullness you desire. 
+ Where does the human hair come from?
Bellami is the only consumer and professional brand that owns its own factory in Asia. Bellami hair extensions are 100% human Remy hair and are ethically sourced from Asia and are produced by a small, dedicated team that never outsources perfection.
+ How long will it take to have them applied?
Time varies depending on your hair goals. Here are the options Allure offers: 
+ Tape-in extensions 1-2 hours - Bonded to hair using tape like adhesive 
+ K-tips 2-6 hours - Bonded to hair using heat
+ I-tips 1-3 hours - Bonded to hair using crimp
+ Hand sewn or machine made sew in extensions 2 hours on average - Bonded to hair using thread
.All have different pros and cons, but our thorough consultation by our Hair Extension Experts will make sure we create exactly what you need for your lifestyle, your time, and your budget.
Hair Extensions from Allure
+ What if I color my hair, will the hair extensions match?
We will color match your existing hair according to your needs
+ How much maintenance do they take?
They do require some time and maintenance. Daily brushing with a proper brush, never going to bed with wet or damp hair and a visit to your technician every 6-12 weeks depending on the kind of extensions chosen for your hair and lifestyle.
+ Can I still exercise?
+ Will I need to wash them and/or style them differently than I do now?
Most extention clients find they do not need to wash their hair as often but styling them may take a little longer on the days you shampoo. Proper drying is needed for most extensions. 

+ Does the first session include a lesson in how to care for them?
+ Will I need special products to care for them?
+ Not into professional hair extensions? There are still options for you!
We recommend trying clip-in hair extensions instead. You can take those out at night and put them back in in the morning. They’re a great option for anyone that wants a low maintenance look, but still wants to add a little bit of volume or length.

If hair extensions are a direction you want to try, you will need a thorough consultation first and you can schedule this here.

+ Here is a few testimonials from trusted clients of ours +

Hair extensions at Allure

Hair extensions at Allure
Hair extensions at Allure