4 Top Hair Trends for 2022

Summer hair trends

Allure’s 4 Top Hair Trends for 2022
Hairstyles and trends come and go like fashion. One minute it's low rise skinny jeans, the next high waisted bell bottoms. Hair is like this too, think of Farrah Fawcett, Dorothy Hamill, Jennifer Anniston to name only a few. Often, we go back into the vault and pull out a trend from the past, but update and modernize so it works for the present. These four new haircuts do just that.

 Which one do you see yourself trying this year?
What excites us at Allure is the twists and turns that hairstyles of the past take to bring them back with a modern and current twist and these 4 hot trends will have you wondering which one is best for you and your style.
Schedule an appointment and we can help you decide the best haircut for you. Remember that just because it is a trend, doesn’t always mean it is the best fit for you and your lifestyle, but these fun cuts may inspire you to make a change this 2022.
(Mullet pixie) 
A Mixie haircut is an edgy trendy cut that is longer in the back (Like a mullet) and shorter in the front like a pixie. 

mixie hair trend 2022

(Shaggy mullet)
Yes we said it! Mullets are back but they have a new fun twist! The sides are not quite as short as in the 80’s. 
Cross between a shag and a mullet. It goes by the name “the wolf cut” on Tik Tok
It has a great amount of texture and body and if you like fullness, you will love this cut!

shallut hair trend
Octopus haircut
This haircuts name was created for the round and bulbous top while spreading out at the bottom as a Octopus head with its tentacles. Think shag with lots of wispy layers.

 octopus hair cut trend 2022
The name bixie describes the cross between two popular haircuts—the pixie and the bob. The bixie isn’t short enough to be considered a pixie, but not long enough to be considered a bob, hence the blend. Believe it or not this cut is done mostly with a razor. It provides beautiful texture and movement for straight or wavy hair!

bixie hair trend 2022

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