Leila Hernandez-  Three Apples, 2019

Leila Hernandez- Three Apples, 2019

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Acrylic on canvas.

30x 24 inches



Leila Hernandez is currently open for commission! Portraits, pet portraits, childhood homes, special buildings, children’s art recreations, flowers, wildlife, and just for fun paintings.


Artist Statement:

I like to paint, it’s that simple. Based in Rockford Illinois, I am a self-taught artist and acrylic paint on canvas is my favorite medium. Painting is the biggest part of who I am and the place I run to where I can be my best self. When I’m painting, the rest of the world melts away. Worries and stresses disappear as I am immersed in the colors and process, sometimes painting in a frenzy. I lose track of time, eventually step back from the easel, let out a deep breath and I smile. By sharing my work, I invite you to see what happens when I go there.